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This series entitled (advice for each married) to start the first day advice

(the reality of marriage)

It must be taken into consideration that marriage in fact is the intermarriage of the souls, not just the bodies. For the Quranic verse deduces that the goal is the “Reposing” and what is “Set” is the “Love and mercy”, and it does not discuss the physical relationship in a direct way, although the satisfying of the

instinctive (sexual) side is also a cause of reposing.
From this it becomes known that the spiritual intermarriage needs a special kind of maturity, and not attaining the stage of spiritual majority and maturity in this connection might be a cause of the

relapsing of the marital life even when committed to some of the external indications of the Shariah, because the conventional religious commitment may not inevitably accompany the stage of majority and awareness of the details of marital life.

And the books that deal with the Tradition have devoted large sections to discussing the value of the mind, which is the resource for majority and maturity, in man’s nearness to Allah and even his success

in this world and the hereafter